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Places Available!  

You may have heard that Pilates could do wonders for you. It can! You'll learn about the gentle pace and simplicity of the exercises. If you're not sure where to find us look here. To reserve your place, ring Mary on 01225 482670. The price is £6.50 per class, or £72 for the 12 week term paid in advance (saving £6).   (This works out at £6.00 per class).

Special Offer: Introduce a new person who joins for a term and you can join for a term for a discount of £5.   You know how much you've benefited from Pilates.  Why not let a friend benefit too?

What is Pilates? You may have heard people talking about it, but you don't know what it is!  Have a look at our overview.

Term starts on 5th January 2009. The timetable follows the school terms. Each term is (roughly) 12 weeks. In this time you should see the benefits of core stability that you're looking for. In order to reserve your place, I will ask you to pay until the end of term in advance. Don't worry if you're going on holiday and will miss a week; come twice when you get back! I hold four classes a week spread over Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  For the timetable see here.

Mary trained with Michael King at the Pilates Institute in London. Mary holds additional certificates in Seniors and Pregnancy. Training is ongoing as new developments occur in the fitness industry. Mary has been in the fitness industry since 1988. Mary originally trained with the Keep Fit Association as an Exercise to Music Teacher and later with the Y.M.C.A.